WorkSavvy offers validation of attendance records and digitalizes any company’s outdated tracking methods. WorkSavvy provides real-time visualization of employee attendance.

billion dollars

According to Harvard Business Review, on a daily basis untracked work hours could be losing an approximate 7.4 billion dollars for the US economy.


Multiple Location Views

Multiple location views

Manage multiple locations

Keep track of teams across multiple locations

Data Driven Dashboard

Data Driven Dashboard

Access to Door Traffic Reports, Time Tracking reports, Industry specific KPIs

Real Time Visual Display

Real time visual display

Keep track of on-site and off-site individuals

List individual's picture, name, job title, and/or department

Administrative Tools

Administrative tools

Grant access to new members

Update member information

Archive member accounts

Override member status (On-Site or Off-Site)

WorkSavvy can be used across multiple industries.

  • School
  • Office space
  • High security facilities
  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Assisted living homes
  • Data centers
  • Daycare