Green Energy, Advanced Data Analytics, Internet of Things and Big Data: These are all highly valuable tools that are gaining traction on the road to energy optimization. While the most obvious solutions are already being exploited, the challenge is to step back and learn how these new technologies can re-shape energy optimization into a broader, more holistic science.  New data is continuously emerging. Creating new streams is becoming easier.  In a world where the government and clients are demanding responsible energy use, the importance of energy optimization is exceeding beyond the financial bottom line.

According to Gartner, through 2021, at least 70% of enterprises will reduce PUE from more than 1.8 to less than 1.5 by focusing on power and cooling systems.

(“Five Steps to Maximize Data Center Efficiency and Get Effective Results, Including a Low PUE”; 30 August 2016 ; H. Cecci & J.E. Pultz)