2019 Business Objectives

Top 3 Business Resolutions for 2019

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Agile for the win!

Change has always been a constant in business and 2019 is no exception. Integrating a more agile operating style would be an advantageous goal to set this year. With more focus on automation and machine learning, there are many ways new tech can help you strengthen your competitive advantage. The agile approach is not limited to tech, but for 2019, we can all agree it is worth looking into.

A higher standard

With rapid and easy access to information, controversy is no stranger to businesses entering the news cycle. In 2019, companies must have a heightened awareness of their culture and stay rooted in their values. Generation Z and millennials have more buying power than ever. As their working experience and wallets grow, they are choosing companies, to buy from and work for, that align with their moral compass. Keep this in mind if you are looking to increase your sales and your team.

Let it rain!

A majority of respondents in a 2018 survey cited securing business funding was a key focus area for their business growth in 2019. While this can definitely help kickstart some business goals, think about ramping-up existing recurring revenue allowing you to re-invest in new initiatives over time. Remember our first point? Stay agile! It will allow you to move forward on business goals without drying up all your resources at once.


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