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You don’t need to work in a chic, Silicon Valley, Houzz featured, Forbes 100 listed style office to create a positive work environment. The coast of California, the top floor of a building or exposed brick will not bring your team together any better than the water cooler does. However, it does help.

A positive work environment can do as much for the company’s bottom line as it can for the mental and physical health of the workforce.

Here are 4 aspects of a positive work environment and their advantages:

The team is genuinely excited when the company has a win!

A strong Team spirit is essential in a positive work environment. A shared interest and strong focus on a common goal can ignite a company’s momentum towards success.

Turnover is low

Onboarding in HR is great when the company is growing, but not so much when people need to constantly be replaced. When people are happy at work, they will most likely not be spending time on Monster Jobs looking for opportunities elsewhere. When employees love working at a company, they will look for opportunity within it. A team with members looking to grow and exceed expectations will do wonders for more than just the bottom line.

Respect is abundant

It is impossible to be BFFs with everyone at the office. In fact, it is important to surround yourself with people who challenge you and force you to think differently. Friendly debate and getting called out on blind spots is important on the road to success. You can’t stop a team that knows diversity is strength.

The ice is broken

How was your weekend? How was your vacation? I heard you did a marathon, how did it go? This is simple small talk but don’t underestimate the power of morning coffee conversations. When coworkers feel comfortable together they are less likely to hold back when they need to share ideas and more likely to let loose when they need to be creative.

As proven in this article, space and decor is great but positivity is a mindset. Break the ice, respect one another and celebrate milestones. A company that grows together, stays together.

By Nicole Hutchison, Marketing Coordinator
Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

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