MLT is heading to Ottawa!

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John JensenI am extremely excited to have been chosen as MLTs first Network Technical Lead/Network Planner in Ottawa, Ontario. I am looking forward to be working remotely however going from seeing my coworkers every day to working from home will be a big change. Even though it will be a big move to pack up, go to Ottawa and be away from my family and friends, I am eager to go and meet new people. 

Working at MLT for the past 4 and a half years, I was able to grow relationships with our clients in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. I have been in the process of transitioning my work from New Brunswick and Newfoundland to the NB/NL team here at MLT, I’m happy and fortunate to work with a great team and am confident they will be able to take this on as I leave for Ottawa. 

I will be set up to work from home but will also be travelling to work within the multiple headends in the region and I am very much looking forward to meet and work with MLT’s clients in Ottawa. In the coming weeks I will be publishing another article describing my experience, challenges and many other things I may run into during my transition to Ottawa. Thank you MLT for sending me on this journey and giving me the opportunity to help MLT grow in Ontario.

Ottawa, Missing Link Technologies, Technical Planner



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