From Seed Idea To Full Meal Deal!?

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An Introduction

Taking an abstract 'conceptual idea' from it's humble seed stage up the food chain to fully realized product is not easy. In addition to funding and technical challenges comes unrealistic or inaccurate stake holder expectations that when not met can lead to organizational confusion, disappointment, conflict and at it's worst lost business opportunities. This article's header image visualizes this schism perfectly. On the left hand side the software developers are focused on taking the seed idea to it's fruition stage which can be expressed in the form of a 'potato bearing plant' while on the right hand side sales and marketing are ramping up to position and sell their 'cloud ready order of fries bundled with burger and drink with the option to up-size!'. The expectation/deliverable gap , although comical, is more of a chasm than a gap.

The good news is that the above scenario can be avoided. Over the next few months I'll be writing a multi part series that will address the above concerns by sharing lessons learned and experience gained by Missing Link Technologies while doing technical research and development on federally funded IRAP project.

Coming soon:

Part 1: Getting started

  • The seed idea
  • Obtaining funding!
  • Establishing a methodology
  • Setting expectations

Followed by:

  • Part 2: Dealing with risk
  • Part 3: Staying Flexible  
  • Part 4: Continuous Communication
  • Part 5: Productization and the full-meal deal !


By Jeff Carter, Chief Software Architect
Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

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