From Moncton to Senegal

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I reflected lately about the work we are doing, and came to a conclusion that the work we are doing is actually impacting communities and consumers both here in New Brunswick and all the way to Dakar, Senegal.

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to travel to the city of Dakar in Senegal, West Africa. The goal was to implement a “Proof of Concept” for a large player in the wireless telecom industry in West Africa. The need was to gather data from remote locations to help identify areas of improvement. With a successful Proof of Concept, we have been asked to develop some ideas to help serve their customers in Senegal better and more reliably.

This was followed up by an opportunity, to return to what I had started my career doing, Outside Plant Engineering. This world has also changed significantly, since 1995 for instance, GPS mapping demos were not easy to organize and limited in availability. The unit was large and bulky, needed 2 different devices, this was not efficient for walking a pole line. Thus, at the time we continued with a meter wheel and a hip chain to measure the pole lines. Nowadays, I has just recently lined up a full GPS demo at the office, for a hand held unit that will put you within about 10cm of your location. Now on a surface that is 510.1 million km² (surface area of the earth), that is pretty impressive.

Thanks to Dennis Whalley at Cansel for bringing the Trimble to the office.

As you can see, here at work we have lot to be excited about, and I do think that we are the required missing link to make telecommunication businesses stronger and more resilient. With better data driving more accurate information, improving business decisions to serve consumers more consistently.

Working in technology and service proudly for MLT.

Adam Campbell, PTech, EET, CST, Project Manager
Missing Link Technologies

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