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Data, Genius and Tech…Oh my!! My dive into the IT world

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 “What have I gotten myself into?!” That was the most prevalent question during my first 2 weeks at MLT. Seriously, what on earth did I know about the world of IT?! After an eclectic path spanning nearly 2 decades in the workforce, the majority in an administrative role, I thought myself quite adept with modern technology, and felt applying in the field would be a refreshing change of pace. I mean, come on, I knew how to proficiently operate both Mac and PC platforms—I’m a technology guru! This naïve perspective of being an advanced user of office software, smartphones, tablets, laptops, social media, and the internet were equivalent to being “tech savvy”, was clearly delusional. 

When the uncertainty of my role began to niggle at my confidence, rather than risk mascara running down my face with pointless tears of defeat, I decided to do some research on this new career path. The first article I came across nearly caused me to drop my pretentious pumpkin spice latte from my perfectly manicured hand! Almost 50% of job opportunities in tech companies are non-tech! (MIND-BLOWN!) After browsing random job boards across North America, it proved that indeed much of the tech sector sought people to fill non-tech roles. Who knew the wizards of wonderment would need someone to help communicate their specific brand of genius via written word?! Apparently, my OCD for organization, and penchant for proofreading proved very beneficial as well. Now, it was on me to sell the valuable skills I knew I possessed, and transfer those skills into this vibrant culture. 

Working in a fast-paced environment, surrounded by highly intelligent colleagues wasn’t foreign to me; the humility, and cohesiveness were. It would be an understatement to say I felt overwhelmed by the brilliant minds who now surround me. Having the skills and experience to adapt quickly to challenges proved to be a monumental advantage in this ever-evolving, fast paced world. Never one for being shy, I asked a plethora of questions daily, expecting people to become exasperated at my severe lack of intense IT knowledge. Patience, positivity, and an unrelenting sense of teamwork were threads of titanium in the office fabric. Blending these essentials with my quirky, and creative train of thought, allowed me to draw comparisons based on my experience, creating a solid yet fashionable form of armour. Did you ever think a culinary or medical allegory could be applied to the tech sector? Neither did I! While I may never understand coding, and please don’t ask me to fix a crashed computer, I’ve managed to successfully integrate the skills I do have to help propel my amazing team toward their objectives. Now, if only I can integrate make-up tutorials, nail art, and pink leopard print into the day to day operations… 

Lindsay Price, Administrative Coordinator
Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

Transferable Skills, Technology, Skills, Administrative Coordinator



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