Baby steps to sustainable digital transformation – There’s no such thing as MAGIC!

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There has been and seems to be a bigger hype in 2018 on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain and so on…  These transforming technologies are real and will make a big impact in our future, but I am sensing they are being over used.  Digital transformation is key for any industries wanting to compete, and even disrupt in this open reachable worldwide market.

Most companies are vulnerable in wanting the ultimate outcome from these technologies in order to save tremendous time to market and be more competitive.  People are using sales & marketing tactics to amplify the product or solution by promoting these information packed words.  There is no magic box that can ingest all types of data and output cognitive intelligence for broad scenarios YET.

So, I am saying, calm down and keep calm.  Let’s approach digital transformation in baby steps and gain

Acceptance from C-Suites is key to have a successful digital strategy and make behavioral changes throughout the organization.
  • Value: These are long term initiatives, you want to make sure there’s full commitment as it may get buried into day to day operations.
Domain Experts to collect, transform, and generate centralized Data Lake repository.
  • Value: Will create a single trusted source so that the entire organization can consume the data on tap.
Data Visualization dashboard to effectively work with the data to help day to day decision making. Understanding WHAT
  • Value: Human engagement from low hanging fruit success.
Now that we understand WHAT happened, then algorithms could be defined to makes some correlations between data sets. Understand WHY it happened.
  • Value: Improvement on future decision making from lessons learned based on data.
Now, this is where it starts to become more interesting.  Based on historical trends, we are now able to make predictions of outcomes in the future.  Understand WHAT will happen.
  • Value: The pivot point where the hindsight preparation pays off by shifting to insightful information.
The most advanced stage is providing recommendations to perform actions.  Acceptance was really important in #1 because the system is now providing choices for the human; Human-Machine Collaboration (aka – Collective Intelligence).  Understand HOW it will happen.
  • Value: The important thing is to measure the results of these decisions in order to continuously improve.

No buzzwords were mentioned to this point because it depends on the problems.  Humans are very intelligent and can process most classical problems with some advanced mathematical analytic approaches.  AI comes into play once the problems are becoming very complex and requires another level of processing.  Humans will always stay in the loop to validate the information or to pick a recommended option, etc.

The most important point is that decision makers acceptance to digital transformation is key.  It will not happen overnight, and it requires discipline to be integrated successfully.

By Charles Gervais, President
Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

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